- Custom cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms, office and other rooms

We are now offering custom sized wood framed mirrors and medicine cabinets to match your bathroom cabinets.

 > Beveled or flat plate mirrors
> Medicine cabinets can be surface mounted or recessed
The one shown here is actually 8" deep (so it will actually hold more than just medicine bottles!) but it recesses into the wall so it only protrudes 4-1/2" out from the wall

Want a mirror to match your existing cabinets? 
See pricing below

Partially recessed medicine cabinet

Custom matching wood beveled mirror frame
Custom matching wood recessed medicine cabinet

Mahogany framed beveled mirror 36

Custom Medicine Cabinets are available
Oak, maple, cherry, alder, hickory, birch or other frames with 
2-1/4" or 3" wide frames, mortise and tenon corners and quarter rounded edge on outside wood frame
(other edges available at no charge)

                         Size (up to)          W/Flat Mirror   W/1" Beveled Mirror              
                          18" x 36"               $229-259           $329-$379                                                                          27" x 36"               $259-359           $369-$469                              
                          36" x 36"               $289-$399         $429-$529
                          42" x 36"               $329-$429         $519-$619
 Please email me with:
> your size requirements
> whether mirror only or a flush mount or recessed cabinet
> pictures of cabinets to be matched  
> your address for a shipping quote

Lead times vary depending on my work backlog but generally run from 5-6 weeks. 

Crown molding and decorative appliques are also available.
Solid door panels are available in lieu of mirrors. 

Frames are mortise and tenon corners (like standard cabinet door construction)
Mitered corners available (add $20 to any size)
SInce I custom build these I can closely match your cabinet door style and stain. 
Just send me a photo of a cabinet door for verification
Email  me for a custom quote, additional information and shipping costs.

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