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Frameless Cabinets Versus Face Frame

Here at The Cabinet Guy, LLC our standard cabinet construction is what is known as frameless cabinetry. It is also referred to as "full access," "European cabinetry" (even though it originated in the US), and "32 millimeter cabinetry." The most common cabinetry in the US is what is known as "face frame cabinetry." 

The reason we offer frameless cabinetry is I am convinced that it is a far better value for the money. Here's why:
  • It is just as strong as face frame cabinetry

Lazy Susan Corners

L-shaped corners of kitchens have always presented a design challenge for the designers and cabinet makers have come up with many designs, some innovative and practical and others not-so-good. Below I show the most common design answers to this problem and I have ranked them by practicality and function based on my experience and customer input. 

Diagonal #1 DIAGONAL LAZY SUSAN - My all time favorite! This type provides the maximum in storage space and functionality. Unlike the L shaped ("Pac-Man") lazy susan (see #2 & 3 below) the shelves in this cabinet go almost all the way back to the wall and are typically 30" to 32" in diameter and make the best use of the corner.

Cabinet Wood Hardness & Durability

 When a client is choosing the wood for their cabinetry one of the questions I am often asked is “How hard is the wood?” What they want to know is how well it will hold up under daily use. I’ll try to keep it simple and hopefully the following proves helpful.   
Hardwood Versus Softwood 
 First, clients often say they want hardwood cabinets, not softwood. Unfortunately this can be misleading. The terms “hardwood” and “softwood” have nothing to do with the hardness or softness of the wood.

Range Hoods - Do I Need One? Which hood works best?

I often have clients who ask what kind of range hood should they get for their home. Here's some general guidelines regarding residential kitchens (completely different rules apply to commercial kitchens and I do not address them here (there - now my lawyers are happy). 

What does a metal range hood do for me?
1) They provide a metal fire shield between the stove and the cabinetry 
2) They provide a light directly over the cooking surface
3) If vented properly and are of sufficient power they can readily collect cooking grease from the air and expel odors from the house thus making your house smell better and keeping the grease from landing on the cabinets, floor, and counters

Tricks On Touching Up Moldings for Cabinet Installers and the Do-It-Yourselfer

Installing moldings is challenging to say the least and there is nothing worse than marring the finish on moldings. The problem is once you have shot a nail into the molding you have a dent that often looks bad even when you try to touch it up. Here's some tricks I have developed through the years that have given much better results.
First, the best way to touch up moldings is to install them in such a way thatthey don't need to be touched up
which means using as few face nails as possible and the smallest size to fit the job.

Kitchen Remodeling Costs and Budgeting

I often get asked the question, "What does the average kitchen remodel cost?" Trying to answer that is like trying to answer, "What does the average car cost?" or "Why is the sky blue?" There are many factors that enter into that question. A good place to get an overview of kitchen remodeling costs (along with many other types of projects) is put out by Remodeling Magazine each year. You can see this by clickinghere

The total cost can vary tremendously depending on what your goals are.

Having Trouble Deciding on Your Cabinet Style, Wood & Color?

Are you having trouble deciding which door style, wood and color to use in your kitchen or other project? Do the choices seem overwhelming? Well, don't feel bad, many people find this very difficult. My clients often stand looking at our door samples and stain choices with a perplexed and lost look on their face. I have found the following helps a lot though.

The primary thing to remember is thataesthetics - how something looks - is interpreted by our minds as feelings. Think about it, when you look at something - a picture on the wall, one of your children or a friend, a sunset, or a grizzly war video - your mind doesn't read what it looks like, rather, it reads it as a feeling.

Bevel Edge Laminate Countertops Save Money

In these difficult economic times I find clients are looking for ways to reduce their cost of remodeling. One thing to consider is laminate countertops (Formica, Wilson Art, Nevamar, etc) with abevel edge or one or Formica brand's"Ideal Edges"instead of stone and solid surface countertops (granite, marble, quartz-stone, Corian, etc.). Yes, this is the plastic laminate known by the household name of Formica that many of us grew up with. The complaints about them is that they scratch (true), are not heat resistant like stone (true), can stain (unlikely), the seams come apart (sometimes) and most often, "it looks cheap.

Cabinet Door Shrinkage and the White Line

One of the most common complaints about cabinetry through the years, especially in the dryer parts of the country like Colorado, is that the panels in the doors shrink and a white line shows up down the sides of the panel. Why is this? Raised panel doors are made of a wood frame and a separate center panel. This center panel is not glued in place and “floats” in the frame. This is done to allow the wood to shrink and swell with changes in humidity. If it was glued or held in place by pins or brads it would create havoc with the frame when it expanded or contracted and contort the door so that it wouldn’t open and close correctly.

Some Thoughts on Quality, Service and Price

Every company offers, to varying degrees, products, service and pricing. Some have high prices and with that one would expect excellent service and high quality products. Others have lower prices but usually at the cost of quality or service (or both).
It is very difficult for any company to offer high quality products and outstanding service along with low prices. Some may do it for a time but at some point something has to give because without sufficient profit due to low prices they can't afford to provide both quality products and excellent service.
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