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Remodeling in this Sour Economy

Well, I don't know about anybody else but we are pretty busy which I think speaks well for the economy (at least here in Colorado Springs). Homeowners are remodeling and fixing up their homes since many of them cannot sell in the current market.
I have noticed that people are being a lot more careful with their investments. Five years ago my clients were spending money like water but now they are thinking much harder about where to best invest their money. Personally I think this is good. It seemed like people were getting a little crazy for a while there, not really weighing the cost/benefit of their decisions.

New Granite Counters Make the Old Cabinets Look Old

Over the last several years we have had many customers who put new granite countertops on their old cabinets only to find that the new tops make the old cabinets look really bad. It's kind of like getting a new paint job on a convertible but keeping the old worn out cloth top - the shiny new paint makes the convertible top look even worse in comparison. We helped them out by either refacing the cabinets (new doors on old cabinets) or detailing the existing cabinet fronts (cleaning, repairing, touching up and overcoating the existing doors with a new coat of varnish).

New Kitchen Design Blog

Thisis very humbling. A little over two years ago I opened a website for my business, The Cabinet Guy, LLC, in order to promote my business. Since that time I've had over 10,000 visitors to my site, something I never expected (if 1,000 people had visited I would have been thankful). About 50% have been local searches in my immediate business area (Colorado front range - Denver to Colorado Springs). The other 50% have come from all over the world - New York, California, London, Moscow, Koala Lumpur, Xian, Christchurch, Paris, Bangkok, Delhi and many others.
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